American Academy of Pediatrics


Introduction of the AAP Book, Raising Kids to Thrive, and Author, Dr. Ken Ginsburg

Challenge:Raising Kids

Generate national media buzz about AAP’s new book, Raising Kids to Thrive, and establish Dr. Ken
Ginsburg as an authority on raising successful kids/teens via “Lighthouse Parenting.”


  • Secure placements for Dr. Ginsburg on national and regional media outlets to establish his adolescent development expertise.
  • Distribute the book to parenting journalists and bloggers to review the book.
  • Establish Raising Kids to Thrive as a need for parents of teens.


  • Dr. Ken Ginsburg featured on national radio and television to discuss the book and “lighthouse parenting – Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, Home & Family, Armin Brott, NPR Radio.
  • Dr. Ginsburg featured as an expert in online publications and blogs, such as Yahoo! Parenting,, The New York Times “Motherlode” (2 Posts), Family Circle, top-noted review in Library Journal, over 30 blogger reviews via RoleMommy Network.