Re-Launch The Great Courses Plus as Wondrium


Re-launch The Great Courses as Wondrium.  Build Brand recognition for Wondrium as the go-to streaming platform for educational content including award-winning video Courses with renowned professors and celebrity experts, documentaries and travelogues.


  • Leverage Wondrium’s roster of leading college professors to appear on local, and national TV news, radio and across print/digital outlets to discuss news headlines/provide news commentary on topics related to Wondrium video courses, documentaries and instructional series.
  • Select and media train Wondrium’s most ”news friendly” experts.
  • Launch and Leverage Wondrium’s growing celebrity roster of “how to “ experts including Jonathan Adler and Curtis Stone.
  • Generate product reviews of the Wondrium streaming service in key outlets.
  • Coordinated press launch of Wondrium Journeys with Academic Travel Abroad.
  • Media trained Wondrium executives.


  • Successfully supported The Great Courses and Wondrium PR efforts from 2019-2023, managing efforts through and beyond the COVID Pandemic.
  • Booked Wondrium Experts / Professors on local TV News outlets in key markets such as Washington D.C., NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Raleigh, Portland, San Diego, Los Angeles, etc.  Also booked national broadcast outlets such as Cheddar News and Sirius XM POTUS,  etc. Topics include politics, health, food/cooking, history
  • Launched Wondrium’s first celebrity course “Decorate Like a Designer With Jonathan Adler.” Feature Stories appeared in key publications such as The Washington Post and Apartment Therapy.
  • Created press and marketing materials for the instructional series, ”Elevate Your Everyday Cooking with Curtis Stone.
  • Wondrium reviews in key outlets.  such as Fortune, PC Magazine and AARP, positioning
  • Wondrium vs. competitors such as MasterClass