Public Good


Furthering Awareness of Public Good Software and its Founders


Secure local and national media coverage surrounding the national launch of and its
cofounders, Jason Kunesh and Dan Ratner.


  • Secure local media coverage in the Public Good’s home city of Chicago, as well as key markets, including New York and Washington D.C, highlighting Public Good’s work with local charities.dan_ratner_lowres
  • Secure national media coverage in news and tech publications highlighting Public Good’s revolutionary software.
  • Introduce Public Good to key members of natioanl news outlets to establish media partnerships for Public Good’s “Take Action” button.


  • Local placements on NBC Chicago news, WGN Chicago radio and PBS MetroFocus New York, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.
  • National media placements in, Inc. Radio, SmallBizDaily, Bisnow, Roomi Connect and My Social Good News.
  • Multiple business meetings with key members of national news outlets to discuss the “Take Action” button and possible partnerships.
  • Organized multiple campaigns partnering Public Good with nonprofits, including a campaign with Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation of America, which included Dolly Parton and garnered over 200 volunteer kidney donors in two weeks.