CharactersGalxyz is an intergalactic science adventure that combines science lessons with gameplay, making science and learning fun for kids. Galxyz’s Blue Apprentice, which is iOS, Android and desktop computer compatible, encourages mastery of elementary science concepts and develops scientific reasoning for elementary school kids. Galxyz also sequences Next Generation Science Standards-based curriculum to make it easier for parents and teachers.

​In Galxyz’s Blue Apprentice,​ ​players find themselves on a snowy planet and must make their way through the galaxy in this story-based game as they are faced with various problem-solving tasks, covering over 45 scientific topics, to ultimately dethrone the evil King Dullard. During the development stages of Blue Apprentice, over 10,000 kids participated in the beta multi-platform version and over 200 kids participated in focus groups, usability tests and provided feedback to improve the game to its current form.

Galxyz’s Blue Apprentice features include:

  • An intergalactic science adventure story that involves scientific problem solving.
  • Available on iOS, Android and desktop computers.
  • A combination of Pixar animation and cutting-edge learning design to keep kids interested while they learn standard curriculum topics, such as Physical, Life, Earth and Space Sciences.
  • Voice-to-Text elements, which allows players to direct the story.
  • Evolving gameplay that changes with the decisions made by the player.
  • Currently, the game takes approximately 38 hours to complete.

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About The Founder

Osman_Rashid_HeadshotOsman Rashid is an entrepreneur and leader in educational technology. Prior to Galxyz, Osman was a Co-Founder & CEO of Chegg, and Kno, Inc. (acquired by Intel in 2013), which developed a revolutionary interactive textbook to enhance college students’ scientific studies. He has received several honors in his professional career, including E&Y’s Entrepreneur of The Year Award (CA) 2009, Forbes Impact 15 for 2012 and Inc.’s Immigrant Edge: 9 Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs.